Flair Collections

For Women On-the-Go to Spend a Moment with God

Travel Friendly Telekung

When embarking on spiritual journeys like Umrah, Hajj, or engaging in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, the convenience of travel-friendly telekung becomes essential. Our new Flair collections meet this need, ensuring comfort, style, and ease of carrying your devotion wherever life takes you. Embrace ibadah like never before.

Flair Aria

The lightest telekung ever innovated at SK, weighs only approximately 300g. This cool and comfortable fabric flows effortlessly, featuring a unique laser-cut design on the telekung top’s seam. A travel best-seller, now with new color options released in 2023.

Flair Chun

Flair Chun boasts a laceless design for a simple yet stylish look, offered at an affordable price. Its cool, soft, and durable fabric doesn't wrinkle easily, providing a sensation like cotton on the skin – perfect for those seeking comfort without compromising style.

Flair Arami Midi

Offers a unique blend of affordability and style. With a non-shiny, heat-resistant surface and a gentle silk-like feel, it ensures comfort and hypoallergenic properties. Its midi size, laceless design, and lightweight construction make it your ideal travel companion, saving storage space and reducing weight for your convenience.

Flair Khadija Eze

Crafted from Khadijah Basic Poplin, Flair Khadijah Eze is lightweight yet durable, wrinkle-resistant, and provides a cooling sensation. With its poncho-like design, drawstring high-neck collar, and sleek ribbon piping finish, it offers effortless wearing and a minimalistic look for your ibadah.