since 2009

Trademark : Marking Your Trade

A brand's name is more than just a fancy term that is written all over the box. The brand upholds the company's guiding principles and offers a quality guarantee for all products bearing its name. Only by protecting its sanctity, it will continue to be something worth having - a symbol of everlasting love.


Incepted on 2009, this was the first logo that found national fame. Designed by Mohammad Mukhlis, current Head of Siti Khadijah brand, it has the brand name encased in a border besides SK initial with the website address underneath. This logo is no longer used on any Siti Khadijah product since 2020.


In line with Siti Khadijah strategic expansion, the brand logo evolves to be more dynamic towards global standard. It retains only the brand name with a distinctive typeface. This logo is created to be more dynamic and is used officially from 2020 onwards.

Did You Know ?

When it comes to battling fake goods, SITI KHADIJAH is constantly at the forefront (particularly those with imitation trademarks). This is because of the subpar quality of counterfeit goods, which negatively affects unsuspecting buyers who wrongly believe they are made by SITI KHADIJAH. This tarnishes the reputation of the SITI KHADIJAH brand and produces a subpar product experience.

To preserve the legitimacy of its brand, SITI KHADIJAH has registered 29 trademarks and 5 industrial designs in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, and Malaysia since 2009. SITI KHADIJAH has begun keeping an eye out for sellers of fake goods on internet marketplaces and intends to take strong legal action against them.

Telekung Face Design


Borrowing influence from common tudung design, it has an awning-like structure arching over the forehead, complete with an inner that connects with a chin cover

Class : 02-02
Date registration : 06/04/2009
Registration no : MY09-00300-0101
Original Certificate: Click Here to view


A different approach to the facial area by employing wider strip from the head crown area down to the chin for cover. It uses laced fabric around the forehead for an aesthetic effect.

Class : 02-02
Date registration : 17/11/2011
Registration no : MY11-01679-0101
Modern Certificate :  Click Here to view


An improved version of Modern design. It uses two different fabric overlapping at the cheek, resulting in narrower strip thus accentuates the user's face.

Class : 02-02
Date registration :11/01/2016
Registration no : MY16-00044-0101
Harmony Certificate : Click Here to view

Telekung ikut bentuk muka


Revitalizing the evergreen telekung design from time immemorial. The design is upgraded with a more comfortable rubber padding around the forehead as well as stretchable chin cover.