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At Siti Khadijah, we strongly believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are the bridge between companies and local communities as means to provide moral support as well as extending a helping hand to improve the quality of their day-to-day lives.

CSR Events


In 2020, a pandemic on global scale had severely affected us. Thus, number of CSR events were organized to buffer the impact with focus given towards frontliners as well as less fortunate communities. Such events like Santuni Asnaf, Terjah Frontliners, Tukar Telekung and many more received overwhelmed feedbacks, making it worthwhile to put a smile during gloomy times.


After dealing with COVID-19 for almost a year, it had now been under control thanks to effort from all parties. However, early this year, Malaysia was hit by natural disaster in form of massive flood, mostly affecting east coast states of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. Thus, SK organized few humanitarian missions to help mitigating impacts felt by those communities like Misi Bantuan Banjir, Misi Pasca Banjir Khaira PPZ, and many others.


A collaborative program with other organization targetting to improve local socio economic status and welfare


From this collaboration, 3 selected AEON surau will be recreated with the essence and identity of the Siti Khadijah brand


As part of Siti Khadijah trademark, the surau is furnished with innovative items to provide a more wholesome experience while performing prayer


Let's create a more comfortable surau together! #KitaAda Infaq telekung SK.
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