siti khadijah

#Kita Ada Ihsan

Program 2020


Objective : Provide new telekung upon receiving used one from frontliners.
Date : 24 March 2020
Details : As form of appreciation during the first phase of MCO in 2020, SK ran a charitable event where frontliners would get a brand new SK telekung through trade-in activity with their used telekung. This event was held with support from Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) and NGO Johor.


Objective : Give gift in form of brand new telekung to frontliners
Date : 9 July 2020
Details : To continue showing unyielding support towards frontliners, another event was held to commemorate them. This time, SK gave a brand new telekung to frontliners as gift. In addition, this event coincides with SK's 2021 key message of "#KitaAda Hadiah Paling Bermakna", a message to tell public that SK product can be chosen as the most memorable gift option.


Objective : Donate to less fortunate (asnaf) families in Kampung Poh, Bidor, Perak.
Date : 18 August 2020
Details : COVID-19 impact was felt by everyone especially financially fragile households, the B40. Hence, selected 24 households in Kg Poh that fit such criteria were chosen to receive cash handout of RM100 and basic neccessaties like rice, cooking oil, sugar, soy sauce and other related item from SK. This event, attended by the Ketua Kampung, was meant as form of sharing prosperity as well as giving sense of hope among participants.