TPO Ufaira Crystal

Made from Khadijah Ultra Fine Plus fabric for ultimate comfort. Experience a cooling sensation with its breathable texture and enjoy SPF 20+ protection against harmful UV rays.

Embellished with captivating crystals and a minimalist lace design inspired by the elegant acacia flower that perfectly complements its top in a contrasting colour palette.

Exquisite craftsmanship with a touch of Crystal for a unique face design and Khadijah Comfy Flex for chin to reduce odors with its antibacterial characteristic and quick-dry trait.

Modish Akasia Crystal

Made from Khadijah Ultra Fine Plus for ultimate comfort with its soft-to-skin feel, cooling sensation, and breathable feature. Comes with a further perk of SPF 20+ to protect your skin from harmful UV light. This elegant telekung features a unique, minimalistic lace design across the top and is adorned with stunning crystals as an added touch of luxury.