Telekung Origin and Benefits

"Telekung", as it is called in Malay language, is the Muslim women prayer clothing usually worn in Southeast Asian countries. It has two pieces: a loosely-draped hijab that extends to the knee and a long skirt that covers the feet. Technically, there is no specific clothing to perform salah, the daily ritual prayer of Muslims. However, "telekung" offers a simple solution to cover your body. No matter how you dress that day, with hijab or without, simply ease into it and you are good to go. In addition, it comes in attractive colour options, high quality fabric and intricate detailing to amplify your emotion, resulting in a better, fulfilling praying experience.
Siti Khadijah - Easing your spiritual obligation with comfort

This is Our Story

It all started when Puan Padzilah Enda Sulaiman, the founder, noticed that women often struggles to find a telekung that fits well and comfortable. This concern ultimately breathed life unto Siti Khadijah in 2009 and its aspirations to ensure that women could opt for a better, more comfortable telekung through innovation as well as to improve user experience during praying activities. Now, with more than 40 boutiques nationwide as well as in Indonesia, Siti Khadijah aims to be a reputable global brand that championed modest niche for lifestyle products.

Hegira Story

Hegira, a slip-on hijab innovator, was one of Siti Khadijah earlier brand collaboration. With Hegira insight in local hijab market and Siti Khadijah discernible branding, this partnership provide growth and knowledge-sharing for both parties. Under the flagship of SK X Hegira, various collections that emphasize on-the-go practicality as well as intricate quality have been successfully introduced since 2019

Hijab Styling