AEON Mall x Siti Khadijah

a collaboration to support the community
Surau SK X AEON is a collaboration between 2 strong brands hoping to provide better service for customers in performing their prayer at any selected SK x AEON Surau

Fresh Look AEON Surau

From this collaboration, three selected AEON suraus will be recreated with the essence and identity of the Siti Khadijah Brand. Being the brand famously known for comfortable prayer wear, the Siti Khadijah x AEON Surau will surely create a comfortable atmosphere for people to come in and perform their prayer after a day of shopping at AEON.

SK x AEON Surau Adoption:

  • AEON Mall Shah Alam
  • AEON Mall Tebrau City
  • AEON Mall Kota Bharu

#KitaAda Wakaf

When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them

Hadith, Muslim
#KitaAda Wakaf is an initiative from the SK x AEON surau collaboration for people to donate generously. The donation will then be used to produce telekung to be placed in the adopted SK x AEON suraus for the comfort of others when using the surau. Let's create a more comfortable surau together! #KitaAda Wakaf telekung SK.

SK x AEON Surau Donation



Let’s create a more comfortable surau together!

#KitaAda Wakaf Telekung SK

Siti Khadijah Mission

Provide comfortable environment to our Surau
Give back
to the community
Give positive message to
the community
Cooperation between

Kita Ada Kongsi Rezeki