Siti Khadijah x Amru

Inspired by the splendour of Islamic art, this prayer mat known as “sejadah”, is manufactured only from finest material as well as being of highest quality. In addition, it is produced in Madinah by Almunawara, the company that supplies carpet to Nabawi Mosque, envoking remembrance for those who have visited Madinah.

Siti Khadijah X Amru Sajada Kaaba Kiswa Cover

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  • Material made from Polypropylene with soft touch
  • Inspired by the design of Kaabah in Makkah
  • Soft texture made of the finest threads
  • Perfect use for travelling
  • Available in Black color



  • Length  – 110cm
  • Width    – 70cm
  • Height   – 0.8cm
  • Weight  – 1300g