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A touch of modernist while still retaining its originality. True to its name, this design approaches a modern style in using lace. Utilizing modern lace/combi instead, it is applied on top of plain fabric to add appeal.

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What makes us special?

Finest Material

Telekung Siti Khadijah is admired by its comfort by using the Japanese technology materials and improvements made through Research and Development (R&D) process to produce the breathable & lightweight fabrics to our customers.

Perfectly Fitted Face Design

The perfect face structure was built on a desire to help the wearer to feel comfortable during performing their prayer. Strecthable material are used for the chin lining to provide comfort and were tailored suitable for all types of faces.

Size Made for Asians

The size designed fits local made from long-lasting material that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Size & Measurement

All Sizes

SK telekungs are tailored with a standard height and width so anyone can wear it. Facial sizes on selected collection varies from S to XL to ensure maximum comfort during prayer.

Free Size

Based on years of research & development, our free sized telekung are made to fit the average Asian facial circumference (60cm).

Face Design


The face design structure is more to the less gripping lid structure on the forehead (if the face is oval). Not suitable for users who have a lot of hair.

The use of lace design on the head is different from the lace design around the telekung.


Suitable for all types of faces and feel secure with the rubber padding on the forehead that holds the face so that it does not move during prayer (movement) and does not give a tingling effect due to the grip.

The use of lace design on the head is the same as the lace around the telekung.

Wear, Wash, Love & Repeat

Carefully crafted to be durable and washable, all SK products are made to last. Simply wash them in a cold water whenever they need freshening up.

Comfort Guarantee

When you feel comfortable and equanimous without any distractions from the environment or from what you wear, you can focus better on your prayer.
Award & Recognition

Started from the bottom,
here we are now...

For the past 11 years of Siti Khadijah, we have been researching and developing new materials and innovations to overcome problems Muslims in Malaysia face with their attire for prayer. Over the years of experience, we can assure:

Maximum Comfort

We provide comfort & quality workmanship in all apparel lines by years of research & development. Each piece is designed to the finest thought out detail to help you feel serenity when performing spiritual obligations.

Proud Malaysian Brand

Most of our heroines are women and single mothers. And when you buy our products, indirectly you help generate the economy of the group. Not only that, our telekung manufacturing factory is also located in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

Your Help, Helps Others

Annual SK collaboration with Lembaga Zakat Selangor allows us to contribute back to our communities. We believe that CSR activities can help forge a stronger bond between locals and corporations, boost morale and help both local communities.

More Than Just a Telekung

The women who wear Siti Khadijah are confident in themselves and in Allah S.W T. They trust in His plans and His mercy. When we have imagery of women wearing Siti Khadijah, they should show this humble confidence.

Symbol of Eternal Love

This represents the passion for helping your love ones along their spiritual journey and a love for Allah SWT.

The Perfect Gift

It is a perfect companion for special occasions and as a gift for a truly treasured person.

A Helping Hand

We are a part of community and never separate from the people around us. We support, love and care for them.

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Fast & secured online banking payment.
Fast shipment within 3 working days.
30 days warranty, money back guarantee.