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About Us

Puan Hajah Padzilah Enda Sulaiman was a fulltime housewife and mother of six sons when she founded Siti Khadijah. She is a multi-talented personality, with a vision to impart positive impact to the community through Muslimah prayer outfits and modest fashion. The story began in 2009 during her search for a telekung with the perfect fit. Realising that women deserved a telekung that fits well and was comfortable, she began drafting her telekung design. It was a revolutionary design that focusses on comfort and superior quality. And thus, Siti Khadijah was born. Today, it is a leading brand which is loved by women across Malaysia and the globe.

Here at Siti Khadijah, we strive to create:

a complete prayer outfit (telekung) that you will love. More importantly, we want to help you stay focused when performing your ibadah. Siti Khadijah was built on a desire to help followers of the faith feel equanimous in their prayer. In a world where the devout grow in numbers and where faith is a pillar of their life, we aim to be the spiritual companion of life’s journey. Each piece of creation is designed to the finest thought and details to help you feel a mindful connection when performing your spiritual obligations. Our prayer outfits, apparel and accessories are thoughtful creations made based on crucial insight of the day of life of our consumers.

Today, Siti Khadijah has more than 37 outlets nationwide including a new special flagship store in KLCC. Beyond Malaysia, Siti Khadijah has expanded to four outlets in Indonesia, with more outlets to come in the future.

Siti Khadijah is rapidly diversifying product lines, and expanding geographical markets to become the leader in Muslim lifestyle products. We remain guided by the principles of comfort, functionality and beautiful styling as we continue in our journey to become the world’s largest Muslim’s lifestyle brand.