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About Us

Siti Khadijah® (SK) is currently the leading brand in woman prayer outfits in Malaysia with its unique and innovative face design for the prayer outfits also known as telekung.

Telekung is a special uniform used by the women from the Malay Archipelagos when performing their prayers, and is synonymously associated with the Malay Culture.

The patented design introduced by SK is mainly focused on the facial design combining high quality fabric ensuring comfort during prayer and stretchable material which will compliment any face shape and size.

SK offers (four) 4 unique face designs to its collection of prayer outfits, which are recognizably different from the standard design. The materials used are of high quality cotton, spun polyester, rayon and silk with the combination of beautiful crafted laces sewn in a meticulous manner.

Apart from prayer outfits, SK also produces various woman apparels targeted for the comfort of pilgrims during their Umrah and Hajj. The products include head veils, hand socks, jubah, traditional baju kurung and various accessories.

Starting in 2009, the brand name Siti Khadijah® is now a well known household name in Malaysia and is quickly expanding with more than 30 stores all over Malaysia, 2 stores and 9 dept stores in Indonesia. Coming soon 3 stores more will be open in Indonesia.


Siti Khadijah Apparel (SKA) began its business selling woman prayer outfits (telekung) under the brand name of Siti Khadijah ®. It all began with the problem faced by most users of the telekung who could not find a comfortable wear and would always resort to do alterations to make it fit and suitable. Seizing this as an opportunity, SKA created the brand to distinguish itself as a maker of prayer outfits who put quality and comfort through innovative facial design and quality materials.

Now, in its tenth year of operation, SKA has introduced several facial designs to its range of telekung in order to fulfill the needs of its customers. SKA seeks to preserve the history and heritage values of the telekung by adapting old and new features through its design and utilization of cotton and high quality spun polyesters blended with spandex, sewn together meticulously using beautiful crafted laces. The culmination of which is a very comfortable, practical and beautiful piece.

SKA also produces various woman apparels targeted for the comfort of pilgrims doing their Umrah and Hajj. Some of the products include head veils, hand socks, jubah, traditional baju kurung and various accessories. Siti Khadijah® has been in the market since 2009 and has now expanded to have more than 10 branches all over Malaysia including one in Jakarta, Indonesia. We wish to move forward globally by leading the telekung and diversification to modest woman apparel industry through aggressive branding and product innovation.

To be the biggest producer of Muslim’s lifestyle products in the world.
We are the best producer of Muslim’s lifestyle products.
Our products are comfortable, practical, and beautiful.
To give the sense of confidence and calm to customers.
To uphold the Muslim lifestyle and strengthen the economy of society.


The original face feature is the first innovation of prayer outfit from SK. The design is the first of its kind with the telekung and inner scarf sewn together as it hugs your face comfortably and stays away from the forehead and sujud won’t be distracted. The inner scarf is made of stretchable material which makes it especially comfortable to be used during Hajj and Umrah. The original face feature was introduced in 2009 but was discontinued in 2014.
The modern face feature is the third innovation of prayer outfit from SK. It is a contemporary and modern design with the use of stretch fabric surrounding the face and decorated with laces. The stretch fabric makes this design comfortable and will flatter any face shape. The modern face feature was introduced in 2012 but was discontinued in 2014.
The classic face feature is the second innovation of prayer outfit from SK. It has a more traditional design with an added stretchable chin liner. This design is the most frequently chosen design especially to be worn during pilgrimage. The classic face feature was introduced in 2010 and is still being produced today.
The harmony face feature is the latest brainchild combining all 3 designs; original, classic and modern. This design utilizes the use of stretch material combined with beautiful laces which flatters all face shapes. The harmony face feature was introduced in 2015 and is still being produced today.