Unique Product Features

Finest Fabric Quality

Made from 100% pima cotton satin, a high-end cotton that offers better softness and comfort especially for those with sensitive skin as well as a glossy look due to its satin properties.

Improved User Experience

With its elasticity trait, this newly introduced drawcord string provides slack to ensure better tightness around the head without overly stretching the fabric.

Modish Evelyn in White

It has Khadura Lace, a strengthened Guipure Lace, intricately embroidered with airy ornament in marine floral motif. Comes with Khakis , Nude Pink , Ash Blue & Ash Green colors.

Modish Evelyn in Khakis

Modish Evelyn in Nude Pink

Modish Evelyn in Ash Green

Modish Evelyn in Ash Blue