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So, Step One

Choose Your Face Design

Our design is solely based on solving woman's number one problem in wearing the top of a prayer outfit (telekung) - the uncomfortable feeling towards facial area. Based on experience, questionnaire and R&D, we embarked on years of research to develop facial design that is best suited for Asian facial shape. Praise to Allah, it was a success, proven by countless positive users' experience that we received.


The facial design introduces structure with lesser gripping lid around the forehead (for oval-shaped face). Not advisable for users with thick hair around said area. The lace design around the forehead is different compared to lace design all around its hem.


Suitable for all face type. It provides gripping effect from the rubber padding around the forehead, keeping it snugged throughout any movement, as well as preventing irritation. The lace design around the forehead is the same with lace design all around its hem.

Next, Your Face Size

On a general note, our products are standardized in form of length and width, allowing anyone to wear it. Having said so, the sizes of selected product line of which varies from S to XL, refers to facial size to ensure maximum comfort.

Facial Size

SK measurement is a product of extensive research in determining standard for Asian female facial size. Every SK telekung abides by said standard.

Free Size

It is made to fit the average facial circumference of Asian female (60cm).

Your Telekung Measurement

Styling? Yes, We Do

SK believes in providing options while guaranteeing comfort. Each design is differentiated according to material, style as well as user experience.


Signature, an evergreen design that has gracefully endured the test of time. Designed with a classic look that brings a pious visage to wearer. It is also embellished with cotton fabric lace, giving it a contrast effect against the plain fabric, be it white or coloured.


Modish, a touch of modernist while still retaining its originality. True to its name, this design approaches a modern style in using lace. Utilizing modern lace/combi instead, it is applied on top of plain fabric to add appeal.


Broderie, for those who appreciates fine and artistic detailing. This design is detailed with full or semi embroidery, inspired from wide array of beautiful designs, giving it an edge texture-wise without paying the price of comfort.


Flair, a true manifestation of "less is more". This design is known for its simplicity, neat and minimalistic feature. It strictly uses fabric or pattern manipulation without having any need for additional adornment.


Deco, cattered to those who prefers to be outstanding yet with moderation. Unlike the rest, Deco differentiates itself with the type of fabric used. It uses patterned fabric rather than plain ones. In addition, this patterned fabric comes in various type such as printing, embossed, jacquard, opal or dobby, providing a sense of uniqueness to each product line.


Nefertari, an Egyption queen, the symbol of ancient beauty. This design focuses on providing the feel of extravagance. Hence, every product line under Nefertari is very limited in number. It is adorned with luxury traits, through the usage of exclusive laces such as net lace.

Different Feel, Different Label

White Label (Basic)

SK collections that utilizes Khadijah Basic Poplin garment, complemented by the usage of mimimal cotton lace, intricately sewn on it.

Price Range:

RM159.00 - RM199.00

Maroon Label (Premium)

SK best-selling collection that is designed with latest engineering technology to produce softer and cozier fabric. This label uses premium fabric material such as Khadijah Signature Poplin, Khadijah Ultra Fine, Pure Cotton (100%) and Khadijah Opal Print.

Price Range:
RM200.00 - RM499.00

Black Label (Exclusive)

SK's avant-garde that strictly uses highest quality fabric such as satin silk to retain its elegance. It could also be made with premium fabric material but with extra detailing, special embelishment or added feature to the material.

Price Range:
RM500.00 & above

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